{ "versions": [ { "addon": "DataGrab", "version": "4.0.4", "date": "1652832000", "dateFormatted": "May 17, 2022", "notes": "<ul><li>[Added] Support for the File Grid fieldtype<\/li><li>[Fixed] JSON import now displays only unique columns when configuring the import (slight regression from previous release)<\/li><li>[Fixed] Prevent PHP errors when trying to set PHP config values with php_ini()<\/li><\/ul>" }, { "addon": "DataGrab", "version": "4.0.3", "date": "1652169600", "dateFormatted": "May 10, 2022", "notes": "<ul><li>[Fixed] Entries containing grid fields that should not be modified when importing no longer have their rows deleted<\/li><li>[Fixed] Issue with importing custom date fields<\/li><li>[Improved] JSON Import type<\/li><\/ul>" }, { "addon": "DataGrab", "version": "4.0.2", "date": "1649084400", "dateFormatted": "April 4, 2022", "notes": "<ul><li>[Fixed] Issue when importing Relationship fields<\/li><li>[Fixed] Issue when trying to reset the dev log when there is no existing .log file<\/li><\/ul>" }, { "addon": "DataGrab", "version": "4.0.1", "date": "1648549800", "dateFormatted": "March 29, 2022", "notes": "<ul><li>[Fixed] Incorrect namespacing in the ext.datagrab.php file<\/li><\/ul>" }, { "addon": "DataGrab", "version": "4.0.0", "date": "1648540800", "dateFormatted": "March 29, 2022", "notes": "<ul><li>ExpressionEngine 6 support – UI and functional improvements<\/li><li>Batch importing now default for all import operations<\/li><li>Code improvements modernization<\/li><li>Starting with version 4.0, Datagrab will support ExpressionEngine 6+ only. Older versions of ExpressionEngine are no longer supported.<\/li><li>Improved error message feedback and vastly improved logging to help with troubleshooting<\/li><li>Added basic Fluid field support<\/li><li>Added WordPress import type<\/li><\/ul>" } ] }