1634313625 <![CDATA[Bloqs]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs en litzinger@gmail.com Copyright 2017 2017-05-27T14:08:00+00:00 <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.9.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:03:00:00Z
  • [Fixed] Upgrading from pre-4.6.0 installs will not break
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.9.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:03:00:00Z
  • [Added] Support for front-end edit feature in EE Pro
  • [Added] "Insert bloq aftrer" control element for components
  • [Added] bloqs:root:id and bloqs:root:shortname variables
  • [Added] bloq:is:root variable
  • [Added] Initial support for EE Pro front-edit feature
  • [Added] New {bloqs:set name="my_variable" value="hi"} tags, similar to layout:set. You can now set arbitrary variables and pass them down to child bloqs.
  • [Fixed] Bloq field validation issues
  • [Fixed] Update parsing to handle multiple intstances of the same block pair
  • [Fixed] JS error when validating a field that contains blocks no longer assigned to the field.
  • [Fixed] The component builder was not visible in EE 5
  • [Fixed] 4.8 upgrade script would error out when trying to drop foreign keys
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.8.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:08:00:00Z
  • [Fixed] Upgrading from 4.5 or previous versions to 4.8 would cause an error in the 4.6 upgrade process
  • [Fixed] Copying a bloq that is a component wasn't copying necessary component data
  • [Fixed] bloqs:is:last_child tag was not reporting correctly
  • [Fixed] When multiple of the same blog tag pairs are in the same template render both pairs in the correct order
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.8.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:03:00:00Z
  • [IMPORTANT] Always backup your database before upgrading Bloqs. This update will migrate old Bloq Templates to the new Components schema.
  • [Changed] Bloq Templates are now called Components
  • [Changed] Components are now first class citizens. A component is just a normal bloq that you've configured as a component.
  • [Changed] The bloq instructions text will now display in the add bloq menu if the menu is displaying as a list.
  • [Added] Components can now be nested as a child of another bloq, and have nesting rules applied to it.
  • [Added] {bloqs:switch=""} variable
  • [Fixed] A bloq with a File field would lose it’s nesting after saving an entry.
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.7.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:06:00:00Z
  • [Added] Benchmarking to the replace_tag method which shows how much time is taken to parse a Bloqs field in the output profiler.
  • [Changed] Menu controls become visible when hovering a bloq, not the space between bloqs.
  • [Improved] First time to interaction on large bloq fields (removed excessive DOM manipulations).
  • [Fixed] Simple change for for PHP8 support.
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.7.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:06:00:00Z
  • [Added] blocks_hide_block hook
  • [Added] bloqs:template:shortname variable
  • [Fixed] Avoid excessive/duplicate log entries
  • [Fixed] PHP error when viewing a revision that does not contain Bloq Template data
  • [Fixed] Live Preview wasn’t displaying nested Bloq data
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.6.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:12:00:00Z
  • [Added] Warning message about max_input_vars setting being too low
  • [Changed] JS optimizations
  • [Fixed] Saving a Bloqs field that contains a template where a bloq in the template was not assigned to the field.
  • [Fixed] Prevent atoms from saving NULL value in database
  • [Fixed] Bloqs did not keep their nesting after saving an entry
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.6.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:07:00:00Z
  • [Added] Bloq Templates
  • [Added] New {bloq:children} tag to replace the old {close:bloq_name} tag pair.
  • [Fixed] Setting a bloq to “can only be root level” after being defined as a child of another bloq would not correctly update the settings
  • [Fixed] If viewing a revision that contains old atom definitions, don’t throw an error
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.5.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:07:00:00Z
  • [Changed] Can no longer delete a bloq definition if it is used in 1 or more entries.
  • [Added] blocks_before_display_field and blocks_after_display_field hooks
  • [Fixed] RTE error message was thrown in EE6 when attempting to Live Preview an entry.
  • [Fixed] Color Picker field in EE6 should work correctly in a bloq. There is still an outstanding EE bug that needs to be addressed. https://github.com/ExpressionEngine/ExpressionEngine/issues/714
  • [Fixed] When creating a new bloq, expand the first atom settings field by default.
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.5.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:07:00:00Z
  • [Added] Insert bloqs directly as a child of a bloq to avoid excessive drag and drop to build the nested structure.
  • [Added] Add bloq menu options respect the bloq rules. Menu items will be disabled if it is not allowed to be inserted into the current context.
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.4.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:02:00:00Z
  • [Fixed] When removing bloq assignments it would delete more than it should have. Oops!
  • [Fixed] On new installs the bloq manage screen might throw notice errors if using PHP 7.4+
  • [Fixed] Required atoms were not visually indicated as such in EE6
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.4.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:02:00:00Z
  • [Changed] Normalize nomenclature in the UI by always referencing blocks as bloqs.
  • [Changed] Clear EE caches when creating, updating, deleting, or copying a bloq.
  • [Changed] Bloqs that are assigned to a field and are used in more than 1 entry can not be un-assigned from the field until it’s removed from the entry
  • [Changed] Disable used bloq assignments by default. Add config option to override.
  • [Added] logging for missing Atom or Block definitions
  • [Added] Entry Manager support. Bloqs field must be set to searchable, and atoms in a bloq must also be searchable in order to display content in the Entry Manager.
  • [Added] blocks_get_block_definition_usage hook
  • [Added] Deprecated bloqs option
  • [Added] Bloq usage reports. Now easily see how many, and which entries, are using specific bloqs.
  • [Fixed] Bloq definition edit page collapses the atom definitions by default on page load. This is the same behavior when editing a Grid field.
  • [Fixed] Block groups may be repeated in the Add Block menu
  • [Fixed] Various other small UI related issues.
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.3.2]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:06:00:00Z
  • [Added] Can now remove assigned Preview Icon
  • [Fixed] Toggle field now displays as Titlecase (hacky fix for EE bug)
  • [Fixed] Issue when upgrading from EE6 beta 1 to beta 2
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.3.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:03:00:00Z
  • [Updated] EE6 compatibility, which includes UI updates and Jump menu support.
  • [Added] Block groups. You can now organize your blocks into groups.
  • [Added] Block cloning. You can clone a block and all of it's child blocks if nesting is enabled.
  • [Added] Bloqs field caching! Disabled by default, must add `$config['bloqs_cache_enabled'] = true;` to your config.php file to enable it.
  • [Added] “Draft” now displays next to a block’s title if it is in draft mode
  • [Added] Assign an icon from a pre-determined list to a block instead of an image.
  • [Added] query caching to the relationship_query hook
  • [Fixed] Nesting rules would throw a JS error if a definition that is part of a rule is not available to the current Bloqs field
  • [Fixed] Ensure blocks retain their draft status when editing a revision
  • [Fixed] Editing a Revision and re-saving it would remove all block nesting data
  • [Fixed] Search compatibility improved when there are multiple Bloqs fields in the same entry
  • [Added] blocks:is:first_child and blocks:is:last_child template variables
  • [Fixed] total_blocks variables now display the correct count even if 1 or more blocks are in draft mode
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    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.2.3]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:03:00:00Z
  • [Added] Atom/field names now display on the block definition edit page.
  • [Fixed] Non-nestable Bloqs fields should properly hide drafts (regression from 4.2.1 release)
  • [Fixed] Add Entry dropdown menu below a Relationship field would display expanded if more than 1 channel was assigned to it.
  • [Fixed] Draft blocks were not hiding correctly in certain nesting scenarios.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.2.2]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:02:00:00Z
  • [IMPORTANT] All BoldMinded add-ons now require PHP 7+. They might continue to work in PHP 5, but they are not supported in PHP 5. If you get an error, you will need to upgrade PHP.
  • [Fixed] The options menu now works correctly if multiple Bloq fieldtypes are on the same publish page
  • [Fixed] Add block icon now displays correctly in all browsers
  • [Added] Bloqs tag pair field now supports block_vars
  • [Fixed] Minor spacing issues when dragging nested blocks
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.2.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:06:00:00Z
  • [Fixed] Relationship fields inside of blocks correctly show the entry titles in the block preview text
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.2.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:04:00:00Z
  • [Updated] Bloqs UI has been updated! Adding new blocks and managing existing blocks is easier and more intuitive!
  • [Added] Optionally display add block menu as a grid with accompanying images to help describe the block to content editors.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.1.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:03:00:00Z
  • [Fixed] Minor SQL error
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.1.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:07:00:00Z
  • [Added] License validation. After upgrading please enter a valid Bloqs license.
  • [Added] Blocks can now be set to Draft or Live mode. Click Status in a block's Options menu to change it's visibility status. When a block is set Draft, it will not display in your template or show it's child blocks if nesting is enabled.
  • [Fixed] Nested blocks with the “can’t be root” setting should properly trigger an error message
  • [Fixed] Prevent blocks from disappearing after save if the user clicked a save button more than once before it became disabled.
  • [Fixed] Prevent JS errors if an existing field is converted to Nestable and blocks do not have settings.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.21]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:09:57:00Z
  • [Fixed] Nested blocks with the “can’t be root” setting should properly trigger an error message
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.20]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:09:57:00Z
  • [Added] If $config[‘bloqs_collapse_on_drag’] = ’n’ is in your config.php file, blocks will not collapse when sorting.
  • [Fixed] Prevent errors in Live Preview
  • [Fixed] A previous build broke the ability to make Bloqs fields and it's atoms seachable.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.19]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:03:25:00Z
  • [Fixed] Yet another change to account for the new File field that was previously missed.
  • [Added] {blocks:previous:id}, {blocks:next:id}, and {blocks:all_vars} to list out all the {blocks:*} variables and their values to help debugging.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.18]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:06:32:00Z
  • [Fixed] relationships_query hook was getting called after Publisher’s, which could cause incorrect results in Relationship fields in Bloqs if Publisher was also installed
  • [Fixed] Additional compatibility fixes to the new File field in EE 5.1
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.17]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:09:07:00Z
  • [Fixed] EE’s native File Field stopped working correctly in Bloqs if you were using EE 5.1+
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.16]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:07:16:00Z
  • [Fixed] Creating new blocks in EE5 was throwing a JS error
  • [Improved] Throw an exception with debugging information if the nested block history is messed up
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.15]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:02:21:00Z
  • [Fixed] Prevent PHP error when using Live Preview and no relationships exist in a Bloqs field
  • [Fixed] Prevent error requesting LivePreview in EE3
  • [Fixed] Inadvertantly broke the nested variables in a previous release. E.g. {blocks:parent:*} {blocks:children:*} {blocks:siblings:*}
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.13]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:02:17:00Z
  • [Fixed] Live Preview was throwing an error in non-nested Bloqs fields
  • [Fixed] When using Live Preview the RTE field would throw an error.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.12]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:08:22:00Z
  • [Fixed] Relationship fields in blocks now display correctly in Live Preview mode in the CP.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.11]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:02:31:00Z
  • [Fixed] Really small update to account for Wygwam 5.0
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.10]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:00:46:00Z
  • [Fixed] Conditionals and block fields (atoms) were not being parsed correctly when inside of {close:*}{/close:*} tag pairs when using nested blocks
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.9]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:12:03:00Z
  • [Fixed] Nesting now works correctly in Live Preview mode
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.8]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:03:36:00Z
  • [Fixed] Saving blocks in a new field would not save the first block. Regression due to change in 4.0.7.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.7]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:05:38:00Z
  • [Added] When no blocks are assigned to a field, a message indicating so will display
  • [Fixed] Bloqs fields should be searchable again. Possible regression due to changes in EE.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.6]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:07:53:00Z
  • [Added] 30 day Free Trial Period
  • [Fixed] Make draggable handle selector more specific to avoid conflicts with other add-ons, like Ansel, that have drag and drop.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.5]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:13:56:00Z
  • [Added] Added block closing tags to the generated example field template code when nesting is enabled for the field
  • [Fixed] small issue introduced in the 4.0.4 update when a Wygwam field is inside of a block
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.4]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:04:35:00Z
  • [Added] {blocks:id} variable
  • [Fixed] Nestable setting was not respected in some cases, thus fields were not allowed to be nestable in the CP.
  • [Fixed] Update call from get_single_field() to App::parseVariableProperties() to handle parsing correctly in EE3 and EE4.
  • [Fixed] Summarizer on RTE fields was causing JS error
  • [Fixed] Summarizer on Wygwam field’s
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.3]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:02:56:00Z
  • [Fixed] Small fix to revert an incorrect change made in 4.0.2.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.2]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:04:57:00Z
  • [Fixed] Image file name previews when a block is collapsed should work again in EE4
  • [Fixed] Nested blocks work better with field validation and revisions. E.g. the nesting is not lost when the page reloads if you submit an entry with an error.
  • [Update] Remove calls to deprecated methods in EE
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:22:49:00Z
  • [Fixed] The method to display blocks during field validation was not updated correctly to use the new model files
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v4.0.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:00:40:00Z
  • [Added] Nested block trees! Read more about it at eebloqs.com
  • [Added] Bloqs supports the new Live Preview feature in EE 4.1.
  • [Added] blocks_delete_blocks_by_entry hook so saving revisions works
  • [Added] blocks_display_atom hook is now available in the Publish page.
  • [Changed] If you're using any of Bloqs' hooks you will want to review the changes in the Database/Adapter.php file. They are breaking changes and your current hook calls will no longer work.
  • [Improved] Bloqs now plays nice with EE's Entry Revisions
  • [Fixed] When viewing a revsion, then saving it as the new version of an entry, delete all the old blocks assigned before creating the new ones from the revision.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.3.3]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:23:40:00Z
  • [Fixed] Template examples would not display in EE4
  • [Fixed] Single Relationship fields would not save properly in EE4
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.3.2]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:00:39:00Z
  • [Fixed] When using Publisher, saving Bloqs not in a field group in EE4 should now save correctly
  • [Fixed] When saving a Bloq field set to be searchable it should not throw an error in EE4
  • [Fixed] In some instances an error regarding field_text_direction would be thrown when using Text fields
  • [Fixed] Remove site_id from the getBlocks query. EE4 can have fields with the site_id of 0, so we can’t reliably use the site_id when fetching blocks.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.3.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:06:20:00Z
  • [Changed] Block buttons on publish page are replaced with dropdown menu.
  • [Fixed] If entry save button is pressed multiple times, and multiple submissions are allowed, Bloqs will now only accept the first submission and prevent chaos from ensuing.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.3.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:01:52:00Z
  • [Added] EE4 Support! Yes, the same version of Bloqs works in EE3 and EE4. Booyah.
  • [Fixed] Importing entries via Datagrab to a channel with a Bloqs field would throw an error.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.2.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:03:40:00Z
  • [Added] Blocks can now be copied, along with its atoms, to a new block definition.
  • [Added] blocks_update_field_data hook
  • [Added] You can optionally auto expand all blocks on the entry edit page.
  • [Fixed] Textarea fields with Toolbars defined should now display the toolbar correctly (CSS conflict)
  • [Fixed] File name is added to block heading when its collapsed. This was a regression due to a change in EE3 core files.
  • [Fixed] Viewing and editing the source html of a RTE field works again.
  • [Fixed] Sorting would not save if multiple Bloqs fieldtypes were on the page at the same time.
  • [Fixed] Re-sorting assigned blocks in the field settings page now saves the blocks in the correct order.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.1.5]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:14:01:00Z
  • [Added] Bloqs now calls block_delete(), grid_delete(), or delete() (in that order) on each fieldtype/atom within a block when it is deleted.
  • [Added] blocks_update_field_data() hook
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.1.4]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:07:30:00Z
  • [Added] Two new hooks, blocks_pre_save_block and blocks_post_save_block hooks, were added to better support Publisher.
  • [Fixed] If updating an entry containing blocks via a module ?ACT request, such as a Datagrab import, the blocks will not be deleted or modified unless valid block data is present in the update request.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.1.3]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:09:22:00Z
  • [Fixed] In some cases the install scripts did not run in the correct order, thus the Bloqs database tables were not created.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.1.2]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:04:00:00Z
  • [Fixed] Sort update event was not firing, thus re-ordering blocks would not save.
  • [Fixed] Composer autoloader was not working when running module updates.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.1.1]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:10:05:00Z
  • [Fixed] Sort update event was not firing, thus re-ordering blocks would not save.
  • [Added] When deleting an entry Bloqs will remove related blocks from the exp_blocks_block and exp_blocks_atom tables.
  • [Fixed] named anchor tags within a textarea, or Wygwam, would save malformed html.
  • [Refactored] Bloqs now uses Composer internally for dependancies and autoloading.
  • [Refactored] Bloqs now uses github.com/litzinger/basee to manage updates.
  • ]]>
    <![CDATA[Bloqs v3.1.0]]> https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs https://boldminded.com/add-ons/bloqs#When:04:21:00Z
  • [Added] Bloqs now works with Publisher 2
  • [Added] New EE3 UI
  • [Added] New hook 'blocks_get_blocks' to allow for SELECT query string modification when fetching blocks.
  • [Added] New hook 'blocks_disassociate' to allow for DELETE query string modification when a block is removed from a field configuration.
  • [Added] hook 'blocks_create_block' to allow for INSERT query string modification when creating a block (exp_blocks_block table).
  • [Added] New hook 'blocks_set_atom_data' to allow for INSERT query string modification when creating an atom (exp_blocks_atom table).
  • [Added] New hook 'blocks_delete_block' to allow for modifying the DELETE query strings when deleting a block (exp_blocks_block and exp_blocks_atom tables)
  • [Added] New hook 'blocks_set_block_order' to allow for modifying the UPDATE query string used for saving the block set order (exp_blocks_block table).
  • [Fixed] Removed developer javascript console logs
  • [Fixed] Bug where checkbox validation error would be thrown on non-required checkboxes
  • ]]>