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Ticket: Send email notification when a draft has been approved

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher
Severity Trivial
EE Version

Timothy Kelty

May 24, 2013

Client was asking to send an email to arbitrary address when entries in a particular channel have been approved (a draft has been published, or new version published).

Anything like that planned? I haven’t looked at the code yet, does Publisher have a hook I might be able to use if I need to do a custom extension?


BoldMinded (Brian)

There is actually a new hook in the email method, in Publisher_email.php, you can use that one. Its not documented yet, but it should be pretty clear on what it does if you look at the code.


Timothy Kelty

I see the hook, but wasn’t sure how I could use it, as I don’t believe the current logic ever calls an email when something is “approved” (a draft becomes published).

Here’s my ghetto-fied way of hacking it in for now: In publisher/models/publisher_entry.php, around line 142 in Publisher_entry->save

if ($publisher_save_status == PUBLISHER_STATUS_OPEN)

            // CHANGED: Fusionary Hack
            // Send email when an entry goes from draft to published
            $channel_id = $this->post_data['channel_id'];
            $entry_id = $this->post_data['entry_id'];
            $channel_title = ee()->api_channel_structure->get_channel_info($channel_id)->row_data['channel_title'];
            $url = ee()->publisher_site_pages->get_url($entry_id, $channel_id, ee()->publisher_lib->lang_code);

            if (in_array($channel_id, array(10, 20, 23)) &&
                $this->post_data['publisher_view_status'] == PUBLISHER_STATUS_DRAFT) {
                $to = array(
                $template = 'The Telx website has been updated. The following ' . $channel_title . ' entry is new or has been modified:' . "\n" . $url;
                $data = array(
                    'to'        => implode("\n", $to),
                    'reply_to'  => ee()->session->userdata['email'],
                    'reply_name'=> ee()->session->userdata['screen_name'],
                    'subject'   => ee()->input->post('title', TRUE) .' was published by '. ee()->session->userdata['screen_name'],
                    'template'  => $template,

                // Send the email


            // If option is enabled, and saving as open, update the draft versions too so they are in sync.
            if (ee()->publisher_setting->get('sync_drafts') AND !ee()->publisher_setting->get('disable_drafts'))
                // Delete an the approval if it exists, b/c we just saved as open, thus whatever was pending approval is now live.

                $this->where['publisher_status'] = PUBLISHER_STATUS_DRAFT;
                $this->data_columns['publisher_status'] = PUBLISHER_STATUS_DRAFT;
                $this->title_columns['publisher_status'] = PUBLISHER_STATUS_DRAFT;

                $this->insert_or_update('publisher_titles', $this->title_columns, $this->where);
                $this->insert_or_update('publisher_data', $this->data_columns, $this->where);

Timothy Kelty

Not sure if that’s necessarily the proper place for it, but it seems to do the job for now.


BoldMinded (Brian)

The publisher_approval_entry.php file might be a better spot?

Does the hook not work? It should be sending a load of data to you to use.


Timothy Kelty

Oh yeah…hmmm Publisher_approval_entry->save calls send….seems like I should indeed be able to use that.

Thanks, I’ll re-investigate.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Going to close this since you’re heading in the right direction.

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