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Ticket: Newbie problems and questions

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Es Kay

Dec 19, 2012

Hi and congratulations for your great work!

Please forgive my newbie questions as I’m pretty new to the whole ExpressionEngine universe and still struggle to find my way through!..

While testing out Publisher to find out if I can use it on a project I’ve been working on recently, I faced some problems and have gathered the following questions:

What is the setting/s (or requirements) that makes a Member appear in the multi-select box labeled “Can change languages” in the Publisher addon settings?

What if an editor or publisher creates a new entry in a secondary language first and then he translates it to the default language at a later time?
Or even never translates it? Maybe it’s an entry that should only exist in the secondary language and not the default.
What problems does the Publisher addon have with the above scenario -I know, you’ ve been clear in the docs that this is not the way to do it-?
I believe that this is not the logical model that Publisher has been designed with. But I have to ask because I’m performing analysis for a website solution proposal that needs to be “partly” multilingual..
I mean that each editor will publish for his own language and if an other editor responsible for an other language likes his post or thinks that it would be of interest for his own viewers (different language) then he would translate it (to the default language or even worst a third secondary language.. -I hope you get the idea-).
The whole concept is a design that has almost no language center. There is of course a default language for all the viewers that their language is not supported by the site but that’s all.
For all other cases every secondary language has equal weight and its entries may or may not be translated to some or all other languages supported by the site (default or secondary)..
I hope my question makes sense.
In my first app design before I purchase Publisher I had created a separate channel for each language / editor. Then, if an other editor would also like an entry for his own channel / language he would have to recreate it from scratch (copy-paste-translate).
Now I’m in the process of testing if the Publisher addon would be a better choice for the above scenario.
Any info and insights would be much appreciated.

I have created two Member Groups called “Publishers” & “Editors” and have set up all the settings for these two. I have also added 2 members, one in each group.
Then I set up the Publisher addon settings including selecting the correct Member Group for each role.
The problem I face is that the “Publisher role” members are still not able to Approve an Editor ‘s entry or Publish their own. They can only Save as Draft as if they were Editors.
In my sandboxed test setup only the Super Admin can Publish.
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

That’s all for now!..
Thank you in advance for your answers and keep up the great work


Es Kay

Dec 19, 2012

..almost forgot!..

Does the following correction that you proposed in an other support ticket still applies?

File: /publisher/models/publisher_entry.php
on line 215:
replace it with: ->where(‘publisher_lang_id’, $this->default_language_id)

Thanks again


BoldMinded (Brian)

Dec 19, 2012

Hi there!

1) Any user who has control panel access.

2) You can certainly enter translations in the non-default language first, but if there is no English content (assuming English is your default), then it won’t know what data to show. Short answer = Publisher expects everything to be entered into your default language first, then translate the entries.

It sounds like you’re looking for a multi-tree solution, meaning not every entry has an equivalent translation. Publisher isn’t really designed for that, its best suited for a single tree site where every entry is translated and the navigation is consistent between languages.

3) DId you add the Publisher’s member group to the Publishers list on the settings page?

Yes, that code fix still applies, I haven’t gotten a new update out yet.


Es Kay

Dec 20, 2012

Hello again and thanks for the immediate response!

I keep constantly testing things out and together with your answers I have come to some conclusions.
Please confirm that I’m on the right track..

Regarding 1)
“Can change languages” requires ONLY:
“Include Members in PUBLISH page multi-author list?” setting (in Member Group settings) set to Yes
to make a member’s name appear for selection in the multi-select box at Publisher Module Settings.
It doesn’t even need Control Panel access. Just this setting set to Yes seems enough.
Even if you grant this member group access to ALL other privilleges
but leave the “Include Members in PUBLISH page multi-author list?” set to No
then this member’s name won’t appear for selection in Publisher Settings.

Regarding 2)
I understand that I ask you to think in a way that is pretty different from what Publisher has been developed with but I have to know the use case limits for my projects.
You replied that “You can certainly enter translations in the non-default language first, but if there is no English content (assuming English is your default), then it won’t know what data to show.”.
Where do you mean that it will not know what data to show? In the CP while editing / translating an entry or at the front-end?
The most usable case for my current project’s needs is this:
In the front-end, Publisher will ONLY show content existing in the language that the visitor has set the site to display and it will NOT show content in any other languages (entries that exist only in an other language or entries that have some translations but not for the currently set display language of the front-end website).
At the CP, every editor can publish (..I mean Save Draft and Send for Approval) in any secondary language he is responsible for.
Then, if any other editor wishes to create a translation of this entry to an other language that he is responsible for (secondary or the default English) he can go ahead and perform it.
It would be great (but not absolutely essential) if Publisher would be kind enough to show some content while a translation is initiated, from the default language (if it exists) or any other secondary language that already exists in the db as a placeholder / guide for the translator.

In (countless) tests I performed yesterday to familiarize myself with Publisher’s behavior I noticed the followings:
I created an new entry in the secondary language first and everything worked fine.
Then I performed a “translation to the default language”. Again, everything worked as expected except for one thing.
At the Edit page entries table, the entry Title got replaced by the default language’s translated Title.
Also, the URL Title field of the default language takes over any other ones that may exist.
(I know that the URL title should never be translated. I did it just for testing/observation purposes).
So, if one takes into account this “preference” / priority that Publisher gives to the default language (which is pretty logical), is aware of it and is prepared to see the Title of an entry changing to the default language’s one whenever a translation to the default language is performed, then everything seems fine.. (..or not??..)

Unfortunately, I haven’t found the time yet to perform enough tests for the front-end behavior.
I’m curious if Publisher respects the existence (or not) of content in the language that the site is switched to and completely ignores content from all other languages (default or secondary ones).
I’ll keep testing and report back my findings.

Regarding 3)
I added the Publisher’s member group to the Publishers list on the settings page.
I have also elevated all the available ( far as I know..) privileges of the Publishers’ Member Group.
I still can’t manage to make the “Publish” button (approve) to appear at the toolbar of Publisher members.
They act as if they were simple editors.. (only Save as Draft option and Send for Approval).
Right now only the Super Admin can Publish freely.
I have no idea what I’m doing wrong and have tried everything that comes to my mind for hours..
Any help on the subject would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,
and please excuse my long posts..
I just think that other users may benefit from the info exchanged.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Dec 20, 2012

1) This setting is strictly based on the “can access cp” setting because they have to be in the CP to edit entries. I could change it to use the multi-authors list setting, but it doesn’t have any advantage over that. If they can access the CP, its assumed they will be editing entries.

2) I have not tested Publisher with a “multi-tree” concept, but I know I didn’t design it to work that way. For example if you’re on a page and change the language it will redirect you to the same page in a different language, if that language does not exist then it’ll just show the default language of the entry (if it exists).

“Where do you mean that it will not know what data to show? In the CP while editing / translating an entry or at the front-end?” - front-end

Publisher is designed to do fallback lookups, meaning if it does not find data for a requested language for an entry it will show the default language instead.

It does show the default language when editing an entry in another language if that entry does not have a translation for that language, e.g. if you have the home page finished in English, then need to translate it to Spanish, it will show the English content in all the fields, thus you can translate it while looking at the English content.

I’ll look into the editor approval stuff.



BoldMinded (Brian)

Dec 20, 2012

Approvals are working. Here is how I have it setup:

Assign a group to be an “Editor”

A user in this group edits an entry and checks the Send for Approval box

A Publisher/Super Admin edits the entry and gets a notification when they view the entry: - At this point you have to click View: Draft b/c the approval is saved as a Draft.

When the entry is reloaded and the Publisher/Super Admin will see the additional buttons


Es Kay

Dec 21, 2012

Hi again!

I did’t say that it should work in any other way. I totally agree with you on that. It’s the most logical case.
All I said is that it doesn’t seem to work as you explained and expect (at least in my test environment).

“Can change languages” requires ONLY:
“Include Members in PUBLISH page multi-author list?” setting to make a member’s name appear for selection in the multi-select box at Publisher Settings.
It doesn’t take into account the “can access cp” setting at all (or any other setting).
Which is not logical as you already explained.

I noticed this strange behavior on a test Member Group / Member I created where I gave it access to the CP but forgot to switch on the “Include Members in PUBLISH page multi-author list?” setting.
And guess what.. His name did not appear for selection in Publisher settings.

As for using Publisher in a “multi-tree” concept, I have already found most of the caveats (after hours of testing & debugging) and have to say that if extra care is taken during the website’s data architecture designing phase along with some extra steps on the template designing process part, then it is possible to happen with minimal problems.
Whenever I come to a final responsive conclusion to the matter I’ll post it back here for anyone else interested to read.

Finally, about the Approval process I faced the following problem:
I created an Editor (member & related member group) and assigned it as an “Editor” role in Publisher module settings.
Then, I did the same thing for a Publisher.
In my use case I didn’t want the Super Admin have to deal with the whole publishing/approval process at all.
His website role would be just of a technical administrator for the site. Not the content.
So the actual administration of the content (the approval workflow) should be solely be taken care by the Publishers.

And here lies the problem.
The publishers’ approval privileges behaved the same as the editors’.
No Publish button. Just Save as Draft and Send for Approval.
I double checked a thousand times that I had defined the publishers’ member group to act as “Publishers” at the Publisher Module Settings but the module didn’t take into account this setting at all.
Only Super Admins could still Publish & Approve (as expected).

So I did a little debugging session and spotted down the problem.
It lies at file “/publisher/libraries/Publisher/Publisher_role.php”
at line 48
I changed:
<br /> if ($role = array_search($this->member_group_id, $this->roles))<br /> {<br /> $this->current = $role;<br /> return;<br /> }<br />

To this:
<br /> if (array_search($this->member_group_id, $this->roles[“publisher”]) !== FALSE)<br /> {<br /> $this->current = ROLE_PUBLISHER;<br /> return;<br /> }<br />

And problem solved!..

I’d like to thank you for building such an incredible addon!
In my comparisons, Publisher eats all the competitive addons I’ve found by now for breakfast!
I strongly believe that when the little final details get into place it will be THE ONLY workflow/translation addon for someone to consider developing with!

Keep up the great work!


BoldMinded (Brian)

Dec 26, 2012

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into the Publisher role thing in #1. As for #2 I would definitely like to see how you handle it. As for #3 I fixed that the other day when I noticed the bug on my own project, just have not pushed a new version yet (early next week though).

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