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Ticket: Breaking deprecation error on switching languages

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 3.10
EE Version 7.2.17

Hop Studios

May 08, 2023

Clicking the change language button presents a deprecation error, and breaks the page reload if debugging is turned on.
EE: 7.2.17
Publisher: 3.10
PHP: 8.1.18

Example code:

{exp:publisher:languages show_current="no"}
    <a  href="{switch_language_url}">{if publisher:current_language_id == 1}Fran├žais{if:else}English{/if}</a>

In case that href tag doesn’t render properly, it’s the standard language switch tag: {switch_language_url}

Quick fix:

public function addTrailingSlash($url, $compareUrl = '', $siteIndex = null)

BoldMinded (Brian)

Thanks for pointing this out. I think I’m going to update the whole function to this if you want to try it:

public function addTrailingSlash(string $url, string $compareUrl = '', string $siteIndex = '') :string
        if (!$siteIndex) {
            $siteIndex = ee()->config->item('site_index');

        if ($siteIndex && strpos($url, $siteIndex) !== false && strpos($url, '.php/') === false) {
            $url = str_replace($siteIndex, $siteIndex.'/', $url);

        $uriParts = explode('?', $compareUrl);
        $compareUrl = $uriParts[0];

        if ($url && $compareUrl && substr($compareUrl, -1) === '/') {
            $url .= '/';

        return reduce_double_slashes($url);

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