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Ticket: UNlisted YOutube

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Reel 1.7
EE Version 6 or 7

John Chennells

Apr 24, 2023

I searched the support system to see if this has come up in the past.
It seems it has, but closed, so I cannot see the reply (2016, so a while ago

My question is also:
Is it possible to support unlisted YouTube video content in Reel add-on? It would really help us to preview pages before video is live to the public.




BoldMinded (Brian)

Apr 24, 2023

This isn’t something that I can work around in the YT API, it’s actually a limitation of the API, however, it sounds like there is a workaround which is to add the unlisted vides to a playlist, then they might return in the results.


John Chennells

Apr 24, 2023

Thanks Brian I will look into that.

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