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Ticket: After Expression Engine upgrade Datagrab is no longer importing

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version DataGrab 4.2.1
EE Version 7.2.10

Cecil J Bridgewater

Feb 25, 2023

Data Grab stopped importing my jokes of the week. The progress bar does not move, and nothing happens. I have attached a screenshot of the log

It worked fine until about a month ago before the latest updates to ExpressionEngine.  I only run it manually every few weeks to pull in the latest jokes.

I attempted to pull a different RSS(XML) Feed with the same results. I have attempted a reinstall of Datagrab. I also attempted the same fix you indicated in another Stop importing ticket but Datagrab throws errors when I made that change so I reloaded the original PHP file

PHP version is 8.0.28


BoldMinded (Brian)

Feb 26, 2023

What are the new errors you’re referring to after you made that change?


Cecil J Bridgewater

Feb 26, 2023

You can close this. It was my error. I was getting can’t close brackets errors. When I copied the code that was in the other ticket. I included the top “{”.  This code fragment may be needed in future updates.

Thank you. The system is working again.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Feb 26, 2023

Good to hear!

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