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Ticket: How do I query for the blueprint template assigned to a structure entry?

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Mark Hair

Nov 13, 2012

Is the template filename assigned to a structure entry stored in blueprint tables or structure, or somewhere else, and can I utilize it in my template?

Here is my usage. My desire is to use blueprint not to assign a template directly to an entry but rather, using stash, to include that template as a stash:embed using the partials design pattern. Let’s say home.html contains most everything outside of the body tag, and you want to stash:embed the layout 3-column-stacked.html into it which contains the general layout grid between the body tags only.  Then you want to further stash:embed the partials that make up the data, component html, and conditiona logic.

IOW, I want to stash:embedding the layout template that I’ve chosen through the blueprint carousel. If I could determine what field that template name is stored in, perhaps I could grab it from that field and prevent direct assignment to the entry. I realize this might require a hack to the blueprint add-on, but I’m hoping for a work around.

I would also like to suggest this as a feature.Since stash/partials design is becoming popular it seems, stash:embedding a layout template will become a desirable alternative.

Hope that makes sense.



BoldMinded (Brian)

Nov 14, 2012

Hi Mark, its kind of hard to understand the advantage of this approach without seeing it in action. As for the data itself, you’ll want to look at the exp_blueprints_entries table. It has the template_id to entry_id assignments in there.

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