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Ticket: Notice Undefined index: Relationship_ft

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 3.9.1
EE Version 6.4.5

Hop Studios

Feb 13, 2023

Just updated the site to EE6.4.5 and updated Publisher to 3.9.1. Noticed 2 issues:
1. Did you intentionally removed cache_clearing_end extension? It’s not seen in ext. and it’s also not removed from the exp_extensions table
2. Got a Notice Undefined index: Relationship_ft error in publisher/legacy/libraries/hooks/Publisher_grid_hooks.php, line 247 upon entry saving. I’m temporarily using


to check the value but wondering if it’s some previous functions not running properly.

- Gil


BoldMinded (Brian)

Hey Gil. cache_clearing_end() wasn’t removed, it should still be there. It clear’s EE’s cache, while ee()->session->cache is the cache for the current page request only, it isn’t persistent across the user’s session or stored anywhere.

Also, line 247 is inside the handleRelationshipFields() function, which isn’t even called, it’s commented out and is part of the incomplete and unsupported Fluid integration.

Did you modify the code to call that function?


Hop Studios

Not too sure what happened but I reuploaded the files and now everything is ok… sorry for the fast trigger finger.


BoldMinded (Brian)

No worries 😊

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