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Ticket: No such property TMPL on ExpressionEngine_Legacy_Facade

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 3.9.0
EE Version 6.4.4

Cleiton da Silva

Jan 25, 2023

Two issues when using Publisher 3.9.0 with EE 6.4.4.

PHP 7.4.19


InvalidArgumentException Caught

No such property: ‘TMPL’ on ExpressionEngine\Legacy\Facade


BoldMinded (Brian)

Can you turn up your error reporting (see the EE docs) so I can see the rest of the call stack? This error message alone doesn’t tell me it’s publisher related.


Werner Gusset

I was having the same error message last week when I was updating Publisher 3.8.3 to 3.9 on an EE 7.2.6 installation. The CP was running ok, but the site had that error. I then restored files and db because the site needed to be online. And I thought I’d wait a while for a new try. I updated Publisher and Bloqs and only after that I realized the error on the front-end.


Werner Gusset

We are on PHP 8.0


BoldMinded (Brian)

Thanks Werner. Are you two working on the same site together or is this 2 separate instances? I still need more detail… a stack trace is helpful. Right now I don’t even really have an idea of where to look for what is causing this. Please review this to try to reveal the error message:


BoldMinded (Brian)

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Werner Gusset

Thank you, Brian, for the build to try. I can only test this tomorrow morning. They work on website content today. Regarding your previous question: This is a separate install. I don’t know Cleiton.


Cleiton da Silva

Thanks Brian, version 3.9.1 worked!

However, after installing Publisher and creating a new group of templates there is a warning on the page: Preview Templates



BoldMinded (Brian)

Have you created any channels yet? It looks like that error can only happen if there are no channels defined…


Cleiton da Silva

Sorry Brian, I didn’t create any channels. Now it’s working.



BoldMinded (Brian)

Thanks for pointing that out. I have it fixed so the error doesn’t happen in the future.

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