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Ticket: Invalid Argument Exception

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 3.9.0 build 1d7915e4
EE Version 7.2.4

Kevin Chatel

Dec 14, 2022

Hi Brian,
I just upgraded to the latest publisher and now getting this error on the frontend of the website, the control panel is fine.

InvalidArgumentException Caught
No such property: 'TMPL' on ExpressionEngine\Legacy\Facade

Stack Trace: Please include when reporting this error
#0 ee/ExpressionEngine/Legacy/Facade.php(35): ExpressionEngine\Legacy\Facade->get()
#1 user/addons/publisher/vendor-build/litzinger/basee/src/App.php(319): ExpressionEngine\Legacy\Facade->__get()
#2 user/addons/publisher/Service/Frontend.php(208): BoldMinded\Publisher\Dependency\Litzinger\Basee\App::setGlobalData()
#3 user/addons/publisher/Service/Session.php(256): BoldMinded\Publisher\Service\Frontend->setTextDirection()
#4 user/addons/publisher/ext.publisher.php(265): BoldMinded\Publisher\Service\Session->start()
#5 ee/legacy/libraries/Extensions.php(203): Publisher_ext->sessions_start()
#6 ee/legacy/libraries/Extensions.php(108): EE_Extensions->call_class()
#7 ee/legacy/libraries/Session.php(124): EE_Extensions->call()
#8 ee/legacy/core/Loader.php(942): EE_Session->__construct()
#9 ee/legacy/core/Loader.php(873): EE_Loader->_ci_init_class()
#10 ee/legacy/core/Loader.php(160): EE_Loader->_ci_load_class()
#11 ee/legacy/libraries/Core.php(352): EE_Loader->library()
#12 ee/legacy/core/Controller.php(77): EE_Core->run_ee()
#13 ee/ExpressionEngine/Core/Core.php(257): EE_Controller->__construct()
#14 ee/ExpressionEngine/Core/Core.php(124): ExpressionEngine\Core\Core->runController()
#15 ee/ExpressionEngine/Boot/boot.php(184): ExpressionEngine\Core\Core->run()
#16 index.php(164): require_once('...')
#16 index.php(164): require_once('...')




BoldMinded (Brian)

I can send a whole new build or you can edit line 372 of Library/App.php to be this:

if (isset(ee()->TMPL) && method_exists(ee()->TMPL, 'set_data')) {

which should fix it.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Actually sorry, the App.php file is in the vendor-build directory. Hold on and I’ll send a new build.


BoldMinded (Brian)

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Kevin Chatel

Hi Brian. This is still an issue when downloading the latest build I’m getting this error

InvalidArgumentException Caught No such property: ‘TMPL’ on ExpressionEngine\Legacy\Facade Facade.php:128

Fresh install of EE 7.2.8 and Publisher 3.9.0


BoldMinded (Brian)

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Kevin Chatel

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BoldMinded (Brian)

Good to hear. I released this publicly yesterday too.

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