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Ticket: Working with Autotranslate (or manual translate) and Freeform…?

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 3.7.4
EE Version 6.3.5

Gavin @ JCOGS

Oct 05, 2022

When Freeform Pro (3) is installed a field “Freeform” appears in the list of fields, but there is no documentation about what this might refer to (and to be fair, it is unclear from Freeform documentation what a ‘Freeform’ field might be).

It would be really useful if it was possible to wrangle Publisher translated versions of Freeform Fields - is this a thing or a feature request…?

if it is a thing… would value any clues you have about how to enable / use.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 07, 2022

I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about, but if you’re referring to the field labels on a form, you can look at using Phrases for the field names.

I don’t plan on adding any new direct support for 3rd party add-ons that I don’t own. Initially when Publisher was built I supported Matrix and Playa, but it became a headache to support. Basically I stopped adding things directly in Publisher years ago that were specific work arounds or fixes for other add-ons, instead I’ll add hooks that other add-ons can interface with if needed.


Gavin @ JCOGS

Oct 08, 2022

OK - just wondered if there was a way to make it work.
As far as I can tell Freeform is not really being supported so much any more - as Solspace seem to (have?) pivot to supporting Craft, so not likely they would modify.
Using phrases is not an option - as the client is insistent that they have ability to generate / change forms using some kind of UI, and I’ve not found a way to embed publisher phrases wihtin the Freeform labels. It maybe that this could be done using some other form generator, but even then the double-step of creating a phrase and then embedding it in the form might be too burdensome for client.
It’s fine - the fall back is to simply translate the forms using EE Auto-Translate: this seems to work well, but does not provide the client an option to fine-tune the translated labels.

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