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Ticket: No categories found when trying to edit entry after adding advanced categories fieldtype

Status With Customer
Add-on / Version Advanced Categories 1.0.1
EE Version 6.3.4

University Communications

5 days ago

I was encountering the same issue as your Ticket 2430 while on version 1.0.0, so i updated to v1.0.1, this seems to fix the error when creating NEW entries in the channel, but existing entries i try to edit gives the a Notice error:

user/addons/advanced_categories/ft.advanced_categories.php, line 99

Severity: E_NOTICE

No categories found. Are you sure category groups are assigned to this channel? See the documentation.


I know that a category group is assigned to the channel, and the field has the categories selected since it displays correctly on new entries.

Please see screenshots attached for the full detail.



BoldMinded (Brian)

4 days ago

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