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Ticket: DataGrab Cron stuck

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version DataGrab 4.0.4
EE Version 6.3.4

XL Chia

May 23, 2022


I’ve created a template to run several grabs from Eventbrite API, mainly attendee information, in a channel Orders. There are 10 ticket types, so I have set up a template to run these imports

{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="11"}
{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="12"}
{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="3"}
{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="4"}
{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="2"}
{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="5"}
{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="8"}
{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="9"}
{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="6"}
{exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="7"}

The url for this template is

The latest log file gives this

08:06:00 05/23/2022 Import #11 Started
08:06:01 05/23/2022 Import #11 Initialized
08:06:01 05/23/2022 Begin Importing [36355742395705369349001]
08:06:01 05/23/2022 [36355742395705369349001] already exists. Skipping entry per import setting.
08:06:01 05/23/2022 Import #11 End

The import doesn’t seem to run past the first line {exp:datagrab:run_saved_import id="11"}

Alternatively, I’ve also used the import urls separately in my cron tab. The cron fires but the import don’t finish. (screenshot attached with caption datagrab – cron not finishing)

My goal is to run these imports hourly, any help debugging will be great!




BoldMinded (Brian)

May 23, 2022

Thanks for reporting this, but I don’t have enough information to take any action on.

Can you share with me an example file you’re trying to import?

What happens if you execute just 1 import at a time manually, do they finish?


BoldMinded (Brian)

May 23, 2022

Most importantly, lets forget about the crontab for a bit and focus on my last question and just manually executing the imports one at a time.


XL Chia

May 23, 2022

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the quick reply.

All of them are variations of grabbing the JSON feed from Eventbrite, something like this

Manually running the import within the addon, and running the import urls work, and they will complete. But they don’t complete on Cron, as shown in Screenshot_2022-05-23_at_10-00-32_DataGrab_Configuration_ExpressionEngine.png


BoldMinded (Brian)

May 24, 2022

I think I know what the issue is. You need to change the limit value. The cron is only executing 1 at a time then stopping. Or you need to change your cron so it actually loads a web browser in the background so it can make separate http requests for each item to import if you want to keep the limit to 1.


XL Chia

May 25, 2022

Hi Brian, you are right. We can close this as it’s not a Datagrab, but a cron request issue.

Thanks for the insight!

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