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Ticket: Linking to Channel Entries

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Dave Macli

Oct 22, 2012


I noticed that someone built an add on to WYGWAM that allows you to link to channel entries (, which would be super useful for my business since we are always linking to older stories.  Are there any plans to do something similiar for WYVERN?  I would be more than glad to pay for this!!


BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 22, 2012

Hi there! Wyvern actually has this as a native feature a year or so before WYGWAM did. The interface is different, but you can link to Structure pages, or a template_group/template based URL.


Dave Macli

Oct 22, 2012

OH thats awesome!  I will buy/install it now and check that out.  Thanks for the response.

Do you think it will have any performance issues for a site with over 10,000 entries?  The WYGWAM module forces you to select the entry via drop down, which doesnt work well with such a large amount.  I noticed that WYVERN has a search bar, which would be better.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 26, 2012

It loads the page via ajax, so it might take a second to load. I’ve used it on sites with a 7000+ entries before.


Dave Macli

Oct 29, 2012

Hey BM,

I installed it and I cant seem to figure out how to link to an entry.  If I go to url and then template path nothing seems to show up.  Am I doing it wrong?  I want it to search for an entry and then return the entry url along with the template path I determine.  Does it not do this?


Charles Lacy

Nov 06, 2012

I’m curious about this as well.


Brian Litzinger

Nov 09, 2012

If you’re using the template to link to an entry you will have to manually enter the url_title. It doesn’t query all entries.


Dave Macli

Nov 09, 2012

OK then this isnt what I am looking for.

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