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Ticket: Can’t save layout setting.

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version
Severity Trivial
EE Version 17


Oct 09, 2012

Hi Brain,

sorry that i didn’t respond anymore to this ticket.

As i said i resaved all my layouts and it work in most of the way.
But everytime if i open the contact page of my site in ee the layout i had before isn’t there anymore.
If i choose the correct formular layout and switch on source site for super admins and click on layout preview, everything is like it should be (see screenshot layout settings). I have separated tabs for each language and all the fields are visible that should be, like in screen (Correct layout). Afterwards i save the layout. On page reload everything is like it was before, but when i go to the contact section my layout isn’t there anymore. The site look like it’s not arranged, all fields are visible and all tabs are away (see lost layout)

What do i wrong?




BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 18, 2012

Pete, I mentioned in the other thread that I’m not sure Blueprints will work how you are expecting it. You’re using it to show/hide fields based on a language. I will login and take a look again, but due to the complex nature of your site I’d prefer that you first setup a new EE install with a basic field setup and see if Blueprints is working the way you want it to.

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