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Ticket: Duplicating Bloq generates errors

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Bloqs 4.7.0
EE Version 6.0.6

Julius Lipp

Jun 10, 2021

I have a very complex system with a variety of bloqs - for easier creating of the admin bloqs, I duplicated many bloqs from the “first one” - so many atoms in different bloqs have the same name. When generating content now and duplicating a bloq during content creation there are occuring a lot of errors -  could it be that these errors come from the same atom names in different bloqs?

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BoldMinded (Brian)

It looks like you’re using Simple Grids. Are you using the latest version?


BoldMinded (Brian)

What settings do you have for field requirements in your bloqs? FYI, although you provided a server login, I don’t login to sites unless it’s a last resort. Logging into an unfamiliar site and digging around aimlessly isn’t the best use of my time. First step I recommend is upgrading Bloqs and SG&T because that cloning issue has been fixed in a recent versions.


Julius Lipp

I see - no problem… and I deeply understand what you mean by “digging around” 😉 I really thought all latest versions where installed! But I recognized, that this was not the case. I updated bloqs from 4.7.0 to 4.7.1 and Simple Grids from 1.3.2 to 1.4.0 The result looks a lot better! The only thing that stays is this:


BoldMinded (Brian)

That looks like a correctly displayed error message. You have that bloq at the root level, and it’s telling you you can’t do that.


Julius Lipp

No! That’s not the problem. After duplicating a block (no page refresh), it is positioned right indented. After saving (page refresh) it is positioned to root! And then when reopening again it shows the problem/errors!


BoldMinded (Brian)

I’m not able to replicate that. What browser are you using? Does this happen every time? Does this happen with any other bloqs? Does it happen if you’re cloning a bloq that is 3 or 4 levels deep?


Julius Lipp

I think this had maybe something to do with an older PHP Version!? (PHP 7.2), because I did migrate the system to a much newer server and there those problems do not occur anymore…

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