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Ticket: Consider adding validation check so Atom “name” cannot be the same as the Bloq “name”

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Bloqs 4.6
EE Version 6.0.1

Stephen Galbraith

Feb 05, 2021

For testing purposes: make a new Bloq and name is “Paragraph” and leave the short name auto generated to “paragraph”.

Make a new Atom (I used a textarea) and also named it “Paragraph”. Again the short name for the atom became “paragraph”.

In a template, the code would be:


Nothing will get outputted until the Atom short name is changed to something unique.

While some may not do this, a validation check would be good to ensure this.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Feb 05, 2021

I thought it already did that, but I’ll take a look. Thanks!


BoldMinded (Brian)

Feb 07, 2021

Should be fixed in the official 4.6 release. Thanks for pointing this out.

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