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Ticket: Can’t Install Add-on

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Reading Time Pro 1.0.0 (Hard to tell since it won't install)
EE Version 5.4.0

Thomas Davis

Dec 07, 2020


When I try to install the add-on I get the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Basee\Updater’ not found in /chroot/home/cfirelan/ Stack trace: #0 /chroot/home/cfirelan/ Reading_time_pro_upd->install() #1 /chroot/home/cfirelan/ Addons_installer->install_module(‘reading_time_pr…’) #2 /chroot/home/cfirelan/ Addons_installer->_update_addon(‘reading_time_pr…’, ‘module’, ‘install’, false) #3 /chroot/home/cfirelan/ Addons_installer->install(‘reading_time_pr…’, ‘module’, false) #4 /chroot/home/cfirelan/ EllisLab\ExpressionEngine\Controller\Addo in /chroot/home/cfirelan/ on line 70

I didn’t make any changes from my end, just copied the folder download from the ExpressionEngine store to the add-on directory. PHP version is 7.2+. Could you please advise?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Dec 07, 2020

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Thomas Davis

Dec 07, 2020

Thank you! That did the trick.

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