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Ticket: Export data

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 2.10.2
EE Version 5.3.2

Cameron Ross

Oct 05, 2020


I am trying to export translated data but it seems to be missing random content for no reason

is all entry translated data stored in exp_publisher_data and exp_publisher_titles?

This is my query

SELECT,t.lang_id,t.title,t.entry_id,t.url_title, t.status,
( SELEct GROUP_CONCAT(cat_id) cid FROM exp_category_posts where entry_id = t.entry_id)  as cid,
d.field_id_1 as ct_body,
d.field_id_7 as short_description,
d.field_id_30 as ref,
d.field_id_48 as achive,
d.field_id_9 as image,
d.field_id_8 as thumb,
d.field_id_21 as ct_type,
d.field_id_44 as ct_search_url,
d.field_id_51 as external_url,
d.field_id_53 as reference,
s.title as meta_title,
s.keywords as meta_keywords,
s.description as meta_description ,

FROM exp_publisher_titles t
left join exp_publisher_data d on =
where t.channel_id = ‘15’ and t.lang_id = 20

I ran a search for some of the missing content in php my admin but it could not find it even though i can see this data in EE when editing the entry



BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 05, 2020

Yes, if you’re using Publisher 2.10, which is old and no longer supported, all the data is in the tables you mentioned, unless you need Grid, Matrix, Relationship, Playa, or Assets data, or any other content type that is saved in their own tables.


Cameron Ross

Oct 05, 2020

Thanks Brian

I think my query join is incorrect.

FROM exp_publisher_titles t
left join exp_publisher_data d on =

Do you know what the correct join is?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 05, 2020

Your best bet is probably to enable the query profiler and look at the queries Publisher is doing, and modify from there.

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