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Ticket: looking for practical way to build list of just a particular Bloqs Atom for a table of contents hierarchy

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Bloqs 4.2.3
EE Version 3.5.17

Jeremy Hoover

Sep 24, 2020

Hi there Bold Minded team - this is as much a feature request as it in a general question relating to template code. I notice that if i use the bloqs tag pair but I insert only the tag pair for the specific atom I’m looking to use in an instance - in this case, grabbing only the atoms in the entry that I created called “main heading” so that I can create a table of contents ordered list from those specific atoms that I get errors indicating that the other atom tag pairs need to be added to the template. They are the singular parent items I have in my Bloqs setup.

I get, for example:

So it’s looking for Atoms created in the field type whether they’re called upon on not in the template code? Do I really need to loop through all of the Bloqs atoms in the field? Is there a way to pull out parents only, for example? Perhaps I’m not correctly understanding the application of the new variables that nesting presents? {blocks:parent:id} and {blocks:parent:shortname} for example?

What I’m essentially looking to do is this:

  • {main_section_heading}
  • {/bloqs_field}

And main section heading right now is the only Atom set to allow nesting, it must be root level and none of the other Atoms are permitted to be root. I searched through the prior support tickets and didn’t come across anyone that had plucked out a specific set of Atoms for a secondary purpose on a page. Just wondering if there’s a simple answer on this.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Sep 25, 2020

Hi, Jeremy. There isn’t a simpler answer. If I understand this correctly, this sounds like a specific use case, and changing the parsing logic to print only an atom without the block tag pair would basically be a fundamental re-write of the parsing logic, which I’m not going to pursue. If you want to print the value of an atom/field, then you need to put it inside the block’s tag pair.

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