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Ticket: Collapsing of blocks when dragging

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Bloqs 4.0.19
EE Version 5

John Faulds

Aug 22, 2019

Hi Bryan,

I’m working on a site that has already been using Bloqs and I’ve found that the way I’ve set it up needs to be amended which means re-editing some entries.

The problem we’re having is that images need to be moved before associated text blocks (they’re currently after) but whenever you start to drag, even if all blocks were expanded, as soon as you drag, they all close and the block you’re dragging gets pushed down to the bottom of the page and then when I try to drag it up the page again, it won’t easily drag beyond the top of the window to scroll back to where it needs to go which means I have sometimes have to drop it further down the page and then scroll up and try and drag again.

But because everything is collapsed and I have more than one image block on the page, I can’t easily tell which image block I was trying to move and I have to expand them all again but that just cycles back to the original problem of them all collapsing and being at the bottom of the page again.

I’ve created a movie which shows the trouble I’m having:

This is in Chrome 76.0.3809.100 on OSX 10.13.6.

Would it be possible to either:

- not collapse everything when dragging, or
- if they do collapse, include some way to know which image is in each block like a small thumb or the file name?



BoldMinded (Brian)

Hi, John. Check the change log. A hidden config value was added in 4.0.20 to disable the collapse on drag.


John Faulds

Sorry, I did look at the changelog before submitting the ticket but must’ve skipped over that one.

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