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Ticket: Fatal Error: Call to undefined method Basee\App:configSlashed() in Service/Url/Url.php and Url Prefix issue with Freeform Lite

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 2.10.8
EE Version 5.2.2

Martyn Tan

Apr 29, 2019

Hi Support,

I purchased Publisher just now and encountered an issue while installing the module to Expressionengine. (See attached screenshot 1)

As the php error comes from line 275 of the current version of publisher (version 2.10.8), I copied the function getSiteUrl() from a previous version of Publisher (2.9.0) and the plugin is working.

    * Get the site_url
    * @return string
  public function getSiteUrl()
// If MSM isn't enabled, return as soon as possible with least resistance.
if (ee()->config->item('multiple_sites_enabled') != 'y') {
return ee()->config->slash_item('site_url');

      if ($siteUrl = $this->requestCache->get(‘siteUrl’)) {
return $siteUrl;

      $db = ee(‘db’);

      $prefs = $db
        ->where(‘site_id’, ee()->config->item(‘site_id’))

      $prefs = unserialize(base64_decode($prefs));
      $siteUrl = $prefs[‘site_url’];

      // Slash it
      if ($siteUrl != ‘’ && substr($siteUrl, -1) != ‘/’) {
$siteUrl .= '/';

      $this->requestCache->set(‘siteUrl’, $siteUrl);

      return parse_config_variables($siteUrl);

However, it is discovered that when we turn Url Prefix on, forms using Solspace’s Freeform Lite will fail to render on pages that have the url prefix. How do we go about resolving this issue?

Many thanks.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Apr 29, 2019

If you’re using Bloqs, Simple Grids & Tables, or any other BoldMinded add-ons you need to upgrade those as well. It will fix the php error you were getting.

As for the Freeform issue, that would be up to the Freeform developers to fix, or you can try adding data-publisher-ignored=“yes” to the <form> tag, as noted in the docs


Martyn Tan

Apr 29, 2019

Many thanks for the quick reply. I’ve updated Bloqs, reuploaded Url.php and added data-publisher-ignored and the form is working now.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Apr 29, 2019


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