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Ticket: Fatal error in EE5 on bloqs parsing

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Bloqs 4.0.11
EE Version 5.0.1

Nov 22, 2018

We upgraded our site to EE5 and all add-ons are up-to-date.
On our dev everything works well. On the live site we get an error while editing a channel entry with a Bloq.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Basee\App::isGteEE4() in /user/addons/bloqs/libraries/EEBlocks/Controller/PublishController.php:456 Stack trace: #0 /user/addons/bloqs/libraries/EEBlocks/Controller/PublishController.php(179): EEBlocks\Controller\PublishController->publishAtom(2271, Object(EEBlocks\Model\AtomDefinition), 6, 'blocks_block_id…', 'abbi maakt mobi…') #1 /user/addons/bloqs/libraries/EEBlocks/Controller/PublishController.php(99): EEBlocks\Controller\PublishController->renderBlock(6, Object(EEBlocks\Model\Block)) #2 /user/addons/bloqs/ft.bloqs.php(202): EEBlocks\Controller\PublishController->displayField(6, Array, Array) #3 /ee/legacy/fieldtypes/EE_Fieldtype.php(326): Bloqs_ft->display_field(' ') #4 /ee/legacy/libraries/api in /user/addons/bloqs/libraries/EEBlocks/Controller/PublishController.php on line 456

In the PublishController I changed ...

if (App::isGteEE4() && preg_match('/-react="(.*?)" data-input-value="(.*?)"/', $display_field, $matches)) {

... to ...

if (preg_match('/-react="(.*?)" data-input-value="(.*?)"/', $display_field, $matches)) {

... and it works again. So for now we have a live site that works but guess this could be something having to do with EE5.



BoldMinded (Brian)

Nov 22, 2018

Have you tried downloading the latest build? I double checked the latest build and it should be fixed.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Nov 23, 2018

Comment has been marked private.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Nov 26, 2018

Closing this out b/c I’m pretty sure this is fixed in the latest builds.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Nov 26, 2018

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