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Ticket: How do I use publisher’s translated categories in Solspace’s Calender-Tag?

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 2.10.1
EE Version 4.3.6

Matthias Ballmann

Oct 13, 2018

hi brian,

we are currently developing a museum’s website – and it uses publisher for all multilingual purposes and calender for managing the events, especially the recurring ones.
this has caused the problem that it seems that cannot use the Publisher tag for the categories within exp📆events.

Is that correct?
Do you have any experience with that?

this was our normal ee-code before implenting calender (which was mainly for reccurring events):

{if has_categories}
		<h4>{exp:publisher:translate_category cat_id="{category_id}" return="cat_name"}</h4>
<p>	{/categories}<br />

this is our code inside the calender-tag, the defunct publisher-tag commented out:

{exp:calendar:events channel="veranstaltungen|fuehrungen" date_range_start="today" date_range_end="6 months" status="not closed" limit="20" paginate="bottom"}
<p>		<!--<h4>{exp:publisher:translate_category cat_id="{category_id}" return="cat_name"}</h4>--><br />
	{/calendar:categories}<br />

do you have any ideas how to get the translated categories work?

thank you very much,
kindest regards,


BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 14, 2018

I don’t know much about Calendar, but from the looks of it have you tried {exp:publisher:translate_category cat_id=”{calendar:category_id}” return=“cat_name”}??


Matthias Ballmann

Oct 14, 2018

wow, you’re cool – it works 😊
thank you very much for this quick help!

kindest regards,

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