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Ticket: Several Blueprints Bugs

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version
Severity Critical
EE Version 17

Jesse Knowles

Aug 11, 2012

Hi Brian, I’m still having some issues with Blueprints 2.0. It seems to be a bit buggy. First of all on the template accordion, it shows hidden template. Unlike the simple list. So it should not show any templates that start with a period. That is a minor issue.

The big one is that, certain templates, currently I’ve been trying in on structure listings, but it could be on structure pages as well, just not sure. Creating a listing is fine and it uses the saved publish layout, however, when I go to edit it, it never has the template selected and it always displays the default publish layout. So whenever I edit a listing page, I’m forced to go to the structure tab, select the proper template and click “load layout” before my custom publish layout will show up. If I go back to edit it, I have to repeat that process. That can’t be the right way that this is supposed to work.

I have the version 2.0.1 of BP and the current version of EE. Also, when I’m viewing right hand toolbar in the publish layout and if I select a member group, all of the layout checkboxes become grayed out. Or if I select a publish layout checkbox, then all of the other publish layout checkboxes become grayed out as well the user groups become grayed out.

Any help on this would be fantastic as I have to unveil this thing to my client on Monday.



BoldMinded (Brian)

Aug 15, 2012

Sent Jesse a 2.0.2 build, seems to fix the issues. Closing ticket. If issues persist please create a new ticket. Thanks

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