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Ticket: Unable to load the following extension file

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Custom System Messages
Severity Trivial
EE Version

Andy Sanchez

Aug 07, 2012


I installed your application to take care of the ugly system message after a form is submitted, however, it fails to load the file.

I’ve installed a lot of EE extensions and never had any issues with them, so I am clearly just missing something.

Thank’s for any suggestions


BoldMinded (Brian)

Aug 07, 2012

Hi Andy, what do you mean it fails to load the file? Do you not see the option to install it? If thats the case the folder or ext file might not have the correct permissions. CHMOD it to 665.


Andy Sanchez

Aug 07, 2012

It appears to install perfectly fine from the backend; however, when I try to submit the form (on the frontend), I get that error message of the screenshot I attached.

The files all seem to be CHMOD to 755, so you’re suggesting changing them all to 655?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Aug 27, 2012

755 Should work. There must be something wrong with your environment if the file ext file isn’t found.

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