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Ticket: Re Structure URL issue when loading layout

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Megan Jane D-S

Jul 17, 2012

Referencing ticket:

Sorry Brian can I double check that you’ve told the Structure devs about this issue? Is there a need for me to follow up to make sure that it’s fixed in future versions?




BoldMinded (Brian)

Jul 17, 2012

I sent him a message on Twitter, but feel free to heckle him on their support forum 😊


Megan Jane D-S

Jul 17, 2012

Actually I’m finding another one as well - when I Load the new Layout it’s also wiping out the associated Structure listing channel.

I have to submit the Structure entry again and reset the listing channel and save. The listing channel is not available directly after the load.



Megan Jane D-S

Jul 17, 2012

OK if I click on the page after waiting a while everything seems to be ok - but if I hit the load layout link then I get the Structure URL change, the missing Structure Listing channel and the message at the top right corner “No Publish Layout Defined For The Current Template And Channel Combination. Create One Now.” - but this entry is the same designated template and channel as the entry that I did create the Publish Layout for….


BoldMinded (Brian)

Jul 22, 2012

Megan, are you still seeing the “No Publish Layout defined ...” message?


Megan Jane D-S

Jul 22, 2012

Yes I’m afraid so. Even when I edit it for one page in the same channel and select the same Publish layout it insists I create a new layout and won’t let me load the chosen layout.

So basically I go to a page in Channel A and have Structure template A selected, then I reveal the toolbar and de-select all member groups but select Publish Layout A-type (which I previously edited) - but it doesn’t load the chosen layout - just the EE default.

Using EE 2.5.2 and now Structure 3.3.2.


Megan Jane D-S

Jul 22, 2012

Hmmm is it not possibly to have have multiple channel/template combinations perhaps?

I have multiple channels pointing to a single controlling template:

Channel A/Template A
Channel B/Template A
Channel C/Template A
Channel D/Template A

Each of these has a separately defined Publish Layout in Extensions/Blueprints:

Publish layout A > Channel A/Template A
Publish layout B > Channel B/Template A
Publish layout C > Channel C/Template A
Publish layout D > Channel D/Template A

Any attempt to load a layout even after selecting it in the Toolbar results in the default layout.


Megan Jane D-S

Jul 22, 2012

Oh yes and this was working before the updates to fix the Structure URL reassignment issue.


Megan Jane D-S

Jul 23, 2012

Any suggestions or recommendations?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Jul 28, 2012

Megan, did you send me any CP credentials to look into this? If not, could you email them to litzinger at gmail dot com?

You should be able to multiple channel/template combinations, I don’t think there are any limitations to that.


Megan Jane D-S

Jul 30, 2012

Hi Brian

I’m sorry but it’s not possible for me to give you access to the CP.

We are still having all the problems listed above however.

- Load layout often displays the default page not the set layout
- The message “No Publish Layout Defined For The Current Template And Channel Combination. Create One Now” appears even on other entries with the same channel/template combination.
- Load layout often wipes the listing from a page with a Structure listing attached

Also we are getting a weird URI issue for Structure but I think that’s Structure related actually.

EE 2.5.2, Structure 3.3.2, Blueprints 2.0.

Uses NSM bootstrap config.

Set up uses main templates in which hidden content templates are embedded.



Megan Jane D-S

Aug 06, 2012

So anyway I’m sorry but at this point we’ve given up on using Blueprints for now.


Megan Jane D-S

Aug 08, 2012

Saw you updated and running some tests just in case - but already noticed this is incorrect on Extensions > Blueprints > Mode

Set to Advanced if you want to allow template changes to immediately reflect the Publish Layout.

Set to Simple to use the settings below to determine which templates are visible to the publisher for selection.

This is actually the other way around.


Don Dikaio

Aug 09, 2012

I’m also having the same issues here.


Brian Litzinger

Aug 15, 2012

I just released 2.0.2, see if it fixes this issues.

The issue with the Structure URL isn’t a Blueprints issue, make sure you’re running 3.3.3

I’m going to close this ticket, if these issues persist for you, or you see new ones (fingers crossed that you don’t) please create a new ticket and reference this one. Thanks.

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