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Ticket: Problems with GWcode categories

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 1.7.5
EE Version 2.11.9

Edoardo Stefani

Jun 14, 2017

Why this code doesn’t work?

<div class="threePanel">
  <div class="wrapper">
    {exp:gwcode_categories show="1|2|4" style="linear" variable_prefix="gw:"}
    {exp:publisher:translate_category cat_id="{gw:cat_id}"}
    <div class="textFormat">
<p>      </p><p>{gw:cat_description}</p>
<p>      </p><div class="button">
<p>        <a href="{path='prodotti'}/categoria/{if depth>1}{parent_url_title}/{/if}{cat_url_title}">Scopri</a><br />
<p>    </p>
<p>    {/exp:publisher:translate_category}<br />
    {/exp:gwcode_categories }<br />
</div><!-- /.wrapper --></div><!-- /.threePanel -->


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