All add-ons currently require PHP 7.4 or greater.

On July 4th 2024 PHP 8.2 will be the new minimum requirement for all add-ons. Expect any add-on released after that date to require 8.2 or greater. Some releases may not immediately take advantage of 8.x specific features in PHP, which means you might, be able to continue using new releases in PHP 7.4, however, if you experience an error the first thing you should do is update to PHP 8.2 then create a support ticket if the error persists.

Publisher does not support the Fluid field type. Please do not contact asking when support will be available.

If you purchased an add-on from, be sure to visit to add the license to your account here on


    Date Replies Status
#2926 Error message “FilesystemDriver.php:38” 6 Open
#2919 Bloqs Setters & Getters error when value starts with / 13 With Customer
#2925 Add on raises error when initiated on the Add-Ons screen 1 With Customer
#2924 Not able to cache if index.php is in a sub folder 1 With Customer


    Date Replies Status
#2792 Publisher redirecting to EN URL title from translated URL title (showing translated content) 5 Backlog
#2774 speedy file driver ‘deleteItem’ not working as the ‘key’ does not include ‘/item’ 3 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#2914 Feature Request: CSV import for tables 6 With Customer
#2917 Log the CP cache clearings 1 With Customer
#2725 Add option to keep Structure tree in sync across all languages based on default language 5 Open


    Date Replies Status
#377 Fatal error message completely preventing all use of the Control Panel after installing MSM 14 Resolved
#367 Unexpected behaviour with non-translated channels entries 6 Resolved
#375 Category Editor, multiple PHP errors 3 Resolved
#368 Structure tags ‘title_trail’ and ‘breadcrumb’ are not translated 3 Resolved
#372 Blank screens 1 Resolved
#371 1.5.4 update - PHP/Database Errors 8 Resolved
#369 Can I use the Custom Actions with software such as Cartthrob 3 Resolved
#354 Simple search 3 Resolved
#370 Matrix Fields only saved on default language! 9 Resolved
#349 Using language switch links in firefox causes browser to load random templates 6 Resolved
#363 PHP Errors 10 Resolved
#365 Adding an autoplay=“yes” option to the video tag 3 Resolved
#364 Cannot access CSM settings 3 Resolved
#359 Show videos from vimeo channel. 3 Resolved
#353 Upgrade from 0.96 to 0.97.6 breaks images in extra languages 6 Resolved
#362 Ability to edit video title and description. 1 Resolved
#360 Support for {matrix:title} output? 1 Resolved
#361 YouTube Video Description: Truncated? 2 Resolved
#356 Can’t publish a page + pages module edit error. 1 Resolved
#344 Publisher is causing an PHP Error when using the Assets 2.0.3 tag pair. 7 Resolved
#351 how to tell the entry is published for the first time 8 Resolved
#346 Changing Languages Too Quickly leads to Blank Page 5 Resolved
#348 Best way to hide content from a language? 3 Resolved
#345 Wyvern Video throwing error “<Object> has no method ‘addCss’” with Wygwam 2 Resolved
#319 no wyvern field on publish screen 23 Resolved