All add-ons currently require PHP 7.4 or greater.

On July 4th 2024 PHP 8.2 will be the new minimum requirement for all add-ons. Expect any add-on released after that date to require 8.2 or greater. Some releases may not immediately take advantage of 8.x specific features in PHP, which means you might, be able to continue using new releases in PHP 7.4, however, if you experience an error the first thing you should do is update to PHP 8.2 then create a support ticket if the error persists.

Publisher does not support the Fluid field type. Please do not contact asking when support will be available.

If you purchased an add-on from, be sure to visit to add the license to your account here on


    Date Replies Status
#2926 Error message “FilesystemDriver.php:38” 6 Open
#2919 Bloqs Setters & Getters error when value starts with / 13 With Customer
#2925 Add on raises error when initiated on the Add-Ons screen 1 With Customer
#2924 Not able to cache if index.php is in a sub folder 1 With Customer


    Date Replies Status
#2792 Publisher redirecting to EN URL title from translated URL title (showing translated content) 5 Backlog
#2774 speedy file driver ‘deleteItem’ not working as the ‘key’ does not include ‘/item’ 3 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#2914 Feature Request: CSV import for tables 6 With Customer
#2917 Log the CP cache clearings 1 With Customer
#2725 Add option to keep Structure tree in sync across all languages based on default language 5 Open


    Date Replies Status
#476 Multiple Approval email list 2 Resolved
#470 System Messages ext issue 8 Resolved
#442 Vimeo channel not showing 13 Resolved
#436 No email for “Send for approval” 22 Resolved
#460 Installing Publisher redirects to a blank white page / Update P&T add-ons throws errors 39 Resolved
#474 Publisher support URL Helper 8 Resolved
#475 Assets Error 24 Resolved
#469 Filter category url 5 Resolved
#466 Listing entry Structure URIs wiped after installing Publisher and saving an entry 42 Resolved
#464 CP Diffs not showing up 18 Resolved
#473 Add-on Version when Download from your Site 1 Resolved
#467 Blueprint Layout Refresh 5 Resolved
#437 CP requests become insanely slow (minutes) with Publisher installed. 20 Resolved
#468 Wyvern Video Plugin 3 Resolved
#465 Editors should not be able to see/click “Save as: Published” button 5 Resolved
#462 Template Carousel shows all templates regardless of Blueprints page configuration 5 Resolved
#463 CP draft preview loads with lang segment, even though I have the “Add URL prefix” setting set to “No 4 Resolved
#450 Publisher and safecracker 14 Resolved
#459 Re-publishing published version deletes draft entry from publisher_approvals table 5 Resolved
#461 EE2.6 Dev log warnings after upgrade to W1.5.9 2 Resolved
#445 Classes added in source view stripped on save 6 Resolved
#451 Templates in Wyvern - Not Working? 9 Resolved
#458 Dashes/Hyphens Replaced by Underscores 4 Resolved
#453 Need Help w/ Settings 2 Resolved
#457 Dev log error in 2.6 Deprecated function remove_double_slashes() called in system/expressionengine/t 2 Resolved