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    Date Replies Status
#2760 csv import synchronization freezes 13 With Customer
#2716 Structure Listings not 10 With Customer
#2723 Async Relationships validation blocks the save buttton 5 To Do


    Date Replies Status
#2574 Migration tool for speedy does not account for all ce_cache tags. 3 Backlog
#2659 Draft bloqs are displaying in the Live Preview 0 Backlog
#2588 Live Preview deleting a component does not properly refresh the preview 0 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#2759 Sub folder on Grid-fields 3 With Customer
#2725 Add option to keep Structure tree in sync across all languages based on default language 5 Open
#2680 Add support for importing a Relationship field as a column inside a Grid field 3 Open
#2537 Image manipulations with file field in simple grid 1 Open
#2757 Insertion of multiple blocks 0 Open
#2754 Metadata 0 Open
#2627 Some global vars support in Phrases? 0 Open


    Date Replies Status
#349 Using language switch links in firefox causes browser to load random templates 6 Resolved
#363 PHP Errors 10 Resolved
#365 Adding an autoplay=“yes” option to the video tag 3 Resolved
#364 Cannot access CSM settings 3 Resolved
#359 Show videos from vimeo channel. 3 Resolved
#353 Upgrade from 0.96 to 0.97.6 breaks images in extra languages 6 Resolved
#362 Ability to edit video title and description. 1 Resolved
#360 Support for {matrix:title} output? 1 Resolved
#361 YouTube Video Description: Truncated? 2 Resolved
#356 Can’t publish a page + pages module edit error. 1 Resolved
#344 Publisher is causing an PHP Error when using the Assets 2.0.3 tag pair. 7 Resolved
#351 how to tell the entry is published for the first time 8 Resolved
#346 Changing Languages Too Quickly leads to Blank Page 5 Resolved
#348 Best way to hide content from a language? 3 Resolved
#345 Wyvern Video throwing error “<Object> has no method ‘addCss’” with Wygwam 2 Resolved
#319 no wyvern field on publish screen 23 Resolved
#347 Don’t show thumbnails in Carousel 1 Resolved
#339 Loading Specific CKEditor Plugins 2 Resolved
#343 {exp:publisher:languages} and {exp:publisher:switcher} are not working when Language Phrases are not 4 Resolved
#341 {filedir_x} in Wygwam data is throwing PHP Errors 5 Resolved
#342 Error after saving entry 3 Resolved
#340 Removing Extra Toolbar Options 2 Resolved
#333 Missing File Manager Icon and missing Edit Bar on Full Screen in Firefox 18 3 Resolved
#338 Demo video 1 Resolved
#275 Vimeo Search Hanging 14 Resolved