Publisher is EE6 compatible, but it does not support the Fluid field. Please do not contact asking when support will be available.

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    Date Replies Status
#2358 Site broken after update from EE 5.4.3 to 6.2.2 14 Open
#2357 {exp:speedy:static} regenerating every single time page is loaded if “url_override” or “url_prefix” parameters used. 1 Open


    Date Replies Status
#2152 Can’t clear cache drivers that aren’t enabled 1 Backlog
#2004 syncing of an entries’s language versions 8 Backlog
#1633 Clicking back button while in preview produces an iframe effect 1 Backlog
#2319 Relationship display_field error if no/any channels are selected 0 Backlog
#2138 Live Preview on not Open entries does not display blocks 0 Backlog
#1935 Error when saving entry with required field in Bloqs 0 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#2356 Adding a Clear tag for Speedy cached items 0 Open


    Date Replies Status
#126 Neither Channel Images, not Wyvern Video Buttons Show in Editor 2 Resolved
#157 Editor not showing up after update to EE 2.5.2 and 1.4.3 1 Resolved
#125 YouTube embed: “Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL” - messes up font? 5 Resolved
#135 Action 38 not parsing csm tags 4 Resolved
#133 snipper sync only syncing when refreshing the cp 3 Resolved
#146 Initial install of v1.2 resulted in DB error. 5 Resolved
#152 Low Variables/Matrix/Wyvern Undefined property: EE::$typography error 3 Resolved
#154 PHP Warning in Wyvern Fieldtype Page after Upgrade 2 Resolved
#149 YouTube username not saving in Wyvern module prefs 6 Resolved
#148 Matrix FieldType Footprint 4 Resolved
#151 PHP Error 2 Resolved
#145 Switching layouts changes Structure Page URL 3 Resolved
#147 [Blueprints bug] Error message switching layouts 1 Resolved
#140 Download archive issues 6 Resolved
#141 Unable to select thumbnails 5 Resolved
#142 Thumbnails and Carousel question 2 Resolved
#143 MSM Support 2 Resolved
#130 CSM using Ajax when Enable ajax responses is set to NO 7 Resolved
#138 Bad variable name in navee_pages.php (line 155) causes PHP errors in Link dialog box 3 Resolved
#137 Issues following upgrade from 0.7 3 Resolved
#123 Tag not processing 8 Resolved
#79 Cannot Restrict Upload Directory 2 Resolved
#82 Global Variables? 4 Resolved
#84 Error when creating any file field (wyvern error) 2 Resolved