EE compatibility updates:

  • Publisher is EE5 compatible, but it does not currently support the Fluid field. licenses:

  • If you purchased an add-on from, be sure to visit to add the license to your account here on


No Tickets Found


    Date Replies Status
#2004 syncing of an entries’s language versions 8 Backlog
#1633 Clicking back button while in preview produces an iframe effect 1 Backlog
#1935 Error when saving entry with required field in Bloqs 0 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#2128 Additional block nesting rules 1 Open


    Date Replies Status
#174 Disabled check boxes and layouts not showing 3 Resolved
#175 {host} Help 5 Resolved
#153 Re Structure URL issue when loading layout 14 Resolved
#173 Bypass message on success shouldn’t require that destination != referrer 1 Resolved
#171 File fields adding null files on publish layout load 1 Resolved
#170 Possible to add EE Snippet in Wyvern field on publish page 2 Resolved
#166 Link to template list empty 2 Resolved
#165 Couple of Errors on Field Type Settings page 3 Resolved
#164 Error message on fieldtype page 1 Resolved
#162 Carousel Issue 6 Resolved
#114 Automatic redirects not working 10 Resolved
#161 Blueprints and Multiple site creation 1 Resolved
#160 Setting Default Properties? 1 Resolved
#158 CSM 2.4 not working on EE 2.5.2 1 Resolved
#156 Success Message (Email) being seen as an Error Message? 4 Resolved
#126 Neither Channel Images, not Wyvern Video Buttons Show in Editor 2 Resolved
#157 Editor not showing up after update to EE 2.5.2 and 1.4.3 1 Resolved
#125 YouTube embed: “Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL” - messes up font? 5 Resolved
#135 Action 38 not parsing csm tags 4 Resolved
#133 snipper sync only syncing when refreshing the cp 3 Resolved
#146 Initial install of v1.2 resulted in DB error. 5 Resolved
#152 Low Variables/Matrix/Wyvern Undefined property: EE::$typography error 3 Resolved
#154 PHP Warning in Wyvern Fieldtype Page after Upgrade 2 Resolved
#149 YouTube username not saving in Wyvern module prefs 6 Resolved
#148 Matrix FieldType Footprint 4 Resolved

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