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EE4 compatibility updates:

  • Publisher is EE4 and EE5 compatible, but it does not currently support the Fluid field (it's in the works).
  • Reel is EE4 and EE5 compatible, but it does not currently support the Fluid field.


    Date Replies Status
#1979 Too many connections 6 Client Wait
#1640 Slow installation with EE4, Publisher, Bloqs and Structure 7 Client Wait
#1972 Preview function SQL error after plugin update 7 Client Wait
#1969 Language switcher un-translating the translated url_title 2 To Do
#1967 Navigation is showing hidden items 7 To Do


    Date Replies Status
#1633 Clicking back button while in preview produces an iframe effect 1 Backlog
#1935 Error when saving entry with required field in Bloqs 0 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#1900 Display relationship value beside the Atom name 1 Open
#1903 For nested bloqs, add first_child and last_child conditionals 1 Open
#1874 Option to group bloq types in admin 1 Open
#1563 Preview draft as a link instead as an iframe in a modal 1 Open
#1959 Add search option to Phrases 0 Open
#1885 Add button to re-generate url_title based on Title field value 0 Open


    Date Replies Status
#141 Unable to select thumbnails 5 Resolved
#142 Thumbnails and Carousel question 2 Resolved
#143 MSM Support 2 Resolved
#130 CSM using Ajax when Enable ajax responses is set to NO 7 Resolved
#138 Bad variable name in navee_pages.php (line 155) causes PHP errors in Link dialog box 3 Resolved
#137 Issues following upgrade from 0.7 3 Resolved
#123 Tag not processing 8 Resolved
#79 Cannot Restrict Upload Directory 2 Resolved
#82 Global Variables? 4 Resolved
#84 Error when creating any file field (wyvern error) 2 Resolved
#96 {csm:error} doesn’t seem to work? 5 Resolved
#109 EE Tags converted to entities when “Encode EE Tags? ” is set to “No” 2 Resolved
#117 Training slash being added to page url 2 Resolved
#120 PHP Error on Wyvern Module Control Panel Page 2 Resolved
#124 Installed Snippet Sync, but it’s not working as expected 4 Resolved
#122 {referrer} being cached. 2 Resolved
#121 Memory Limit Issue 3 Resolved
#118 Redirect to the defined error template not working 3 Resolved
#119 Automatic Redirect on Success Not Working 1 Resolved
#115 Wyvern Style Menu not populating… 4 Resolved
#116 AJAX error - The response was not a valid JSON object. 8 Resolved
#112 How to Wyvern 1.3.3 => 1.4.1 Upgrade 2 Resolved
#108 Possible to specify Taxonomy tree? Possible to make the Taxonomy tree scroll? 2 Resolved
#113 Rich Text Editor.. 1 Resolved


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