Wyvern 1.1

February 14, 2011

Wyvern now includes even more 3rd party add-on support. Taxonomy and NavEE users can easily link to their pages through Wyvern. With the addition of these two modules Wyvern now supports all the navigation add-ons for ExpressionEngine 2.

I also squeezed in another feature that I had not planned on tackling for awhile. Wyvern 1.0 was released with the ability to customize the toolbar for each custom field. While this worked great for a site that had a couple of Wyvern instances, it could quickly become a management nightmare if you had a lot of Wyvern fields. If you had a Wyvern field inside a Matrix with several columns the layout would completely break. Wvyern 1.1 now lets you create global toolbar configurations through the Fieldtype Settings page. For Wyvern 1.0 license holders, make sure you enable the newly added module! Upon upgrade your existing settings will be imported into the global toolbar configurations list, so it will be seamless. 

Not only are the toolbars global, you can now use different toolbars for each member group! Super Admins can be given the entire toolbar set, while Editors may get a much simpler toolbar.

I hope current license holders like the new additions, and those who use Structure, Taxonomy or NavEE give it a whirl.

Purchase from Devot:ee, or read more about Wyvern.


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