Triple Release

October 19, 2010

This is without a doubt the biggest release day for my add-ons. WYMeditor 2.3, Blueprints 1.2.7, and my latest add-on, Super Globals 1.0b are now out. To celebrate each one of them are on sale for $10 for the next 24 hours. w00t!

I've been working a lot of hours in the evenings and weekends the last few weeks to squash bugs and add features. The biggest hurdle was moving all of WYMeditor's dialog windows to native EE styled, jQuery UI Dialog's. Unfortunately this didn't work out in Internet Explorer, so if you're using IE, you'll continue to get the old style pop-up windows. All WYMeditor's parsing issues are worked out, and there is now a setting to tweak the parsing itself, among some other new settings.

Super Globals is an add-on I started months ago, but shelved because I couldn't get it to work they way I was intending, mostly because there were no hooks in the needed areas of EE's core that I needed. It started out as a way to easily access POST and GET variables in templates without enabling PHP, then the day before I was going to release it, it struck me that I could easily create a module that would be what Fresh Variables was for EE 1.6, then I took it a step further and added multiple variable types. It is currently in an Beta, but I consider it "Feature Complete". I'll be fixing bugs and making slight revisions, but no additional features will be added to it (at least for the foreseeable future).


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