Shout Out!

October 25, 2011

At The Nerdery when someone does something exceptional during the week they may get "Shout Out" from another employee. You might get a shout out by stepping in and helping out another developer with an issue, or going above and beyond your job title, or just being full of awesomeness. The shout outs may come in the form of a simple form submission on our intranet, or a full blown video (I would link to a video here but they are private due to possible NDA, and while not necessarily a  shout out video, you can watch these to get an idea of the production that we put into these goofy things). At the end of the week at our company Bottle Cap where we present a recently commpleted project to the rest of the company, 5 randomly selected shout out recipients win free lunch the next week on behalf of the company. A pretty cool perk if you ask me.

I've been designing and developing websites for nearly 12 years and I've never been this involved with a particular community or product for this long (going on 4 years now). Attending EE/CI 2011 was without a doubt the best thing I've done in my professional career. The EE community is huge, and full of exceptional professionals, and it feels like an extended family, and I'm honored to be a part of that.

So, I'd like to give a huge SHOUT OUT to everyone in the EE/CI community and everyone at EE/CI 2011 for the amazing things they're doing for the community. Keep it up. I can't give away free lunches, but I was able to give about 15 people free BoldMinded t-shirts!

More specifically I'd like to thank the following people who I recall having a converstation with. I met a lot of people and am generally bad at remembering names, so forgive me if you're not on the list (which is in no particular order).



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