New things afoot

September 12, 2010

Last week I released version 1.2.5 of Blueprints, which is a pretty major upgrade from the pervious version. It is basically what I wanted to create with version 1.0, but was not sure how. EE's Publish Layouts rely heavily on Member Groups, which can be good in some cases, but I found it very limiting with how I wanted to use it. Blueprints removes Member Groups from the equation and lets you create Publish Layouts that are assigned to templates instead. Don't worry, you can still create Publish Layouts based on Member Groups too.

Sunday night I released the first upgrade of Custom System Messages in nearly 4 months. It is much more powerful and lets you use custom templates for each and every Action EE has. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, take a look at your URL when you logout, register a new member etc, and you will see ?ACT=X. Before CSM, delivering custom messages for these actions required modifying language files. Now, you can use any normal template, and get rid of those forsaken Specialty Templates that are only editable within the control panel, and not saved to your file system.

Monday I released a new version of Template Select that has better template selection options, and it is bundled with Snippet Select, which is a new Fieldtype. They both include Matrix and Low Variables support. w00t!

Things to look out for for WYMEditor in the near future:

  • New option for early or late parsing of page_url:N variables. (The are all currently early parsed)
  • New option for parsing EE code in the editor.
  • IE 7 & 8 support/bug fixes.
  • Low Variables support.
  • Plus a couple more secrets


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