Introducing Wyvern

January 18, 2011

About 4 years ago I was looking for a simple and clean WYSIWYG editor for a project and stumbled upon WYMeditor. It had everything I needed without any extra cruft, and produced clean HTML. It has since been my go to editor.

I used the original version on many EE 1.6 projects, and when 2.0 was released I  wanted the same editor, but with a much more integrated approach. In the 1.6 version many clients had trouble linking to other pages within the site, and there was no asset linking or image insertion capabilities. There was obvious room for improvement. I think WYMeditor for EE 2.0 achieved what I wanted, however, it wasn't without frustration. The development of WYMeditor itself has been pretty stagnent and aside from some random bug fixes has not progressed much in the last couple of years. It has some strange copy and paste bugs, and other oddities. Adding new HTML tags to the Container list requires core changes. Suffice it to say, the bugs I needed to fix and features I needed to added were out growing WYMeditor for ExpressionEngine. 

For awhile I tried to fix the bugs and implement new features, but it was not going very well, so I thought it was time to try something a little game changing. It wasn't a decision I made quickly, but a couple months ago took the leap. I quietly started working on version 3.0, which involved replacing the underlaying editor, WYMeditor with CKeditor. Most of the fieldtype code has been untouched and I've done everything I can to make it look exactly like the previous versions of WYMeditor for EE. The largest task was re-implementing the dialogs and styling them to match EE's native dialogs. Obviously, since I ditched WYMeditor, I had to change the name. I can't call it WYMeditor for ExpressionEngine when it uses CKeditor. For development purposes I renamed it to Wyvern. It had the first 2 characters in common with WYMeditor, and I just liked how it sounded. The name has stuck and I can't think of another name I like better. 

Next week I'll be releasing Wyvern 1.0. It has all the same great features as WYMeditor, plus a few new ones. You can now link to templates via the"group/template" variable. ExpressionEngine users who don't use Structure or Pages can now take advantage of the linking tool. One of the most requested features in WYMeditor for EE is the ability to add custom Containers and edit the toolbar. Since it's using CKeditor, you can add custom containers and classes very easily (much easier than with WYMeditor for EE).

What is in store for WYMeditor for EE here on out? Well, hopefully not much. I'll be pushing out a new version of it soon that will contain some minor bug updates, but thats about it. It will stay on Devot:ee for those who have a license and need new versions, and switching from WYMeditor for EE to Wyvern should be very easy.

What does all this really mean? It means Wyvern is built on top of a very popular and widely tested editor. The CKeditor community is much larger and more active. Both are sure to lead to a better future for Wyvern.

Check out a preview of Wyvern in action:


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