Introducing Bold Minded

July 30, 2010

Welcome to Bold Minded. The new home for my Expression Engine add-ons. I decided to put this site together after making the decision to take WYMEditor for ExpressionEngine, and my latest release Blueprints, commercial. WYMEditor started off as a donation only add-on. This was because I wanted to keep costs down and provide a competitive alternative to the other WYSIWYG editors for EE. Then I realized how much time I had actually put into it's development and support, and rethought my plan. I believe going commercial will actually make it more competitive because I will be obligated to provide better and quicker support as well as spend time on new features to make it the best WYSIWYG editor for ExpressionEngine.

The secondary reason is that my site,, was an ad-hoc site build done over a period of several months, and is just plain messy and had no real design direction. Bold Minded is a place where I can start fresh, and create a separate identity between my personal site, and EE add-ons.

So what if you already donated to WYMEditor? I'm going to completely honor those donations and continue to provide free downloads to those who have an Invoice number. For now, just go to, and download updates like you have already been doing. You can continue to use your WYMEditor license on as many sites as you want. Eventually I will re-work the commerce portion of this site and move those transactions over. 

All new buyers of WYMEditor will need pay $20 for each site they use it on, just like any other commercial EE add-on. Until said commerce solution is added to this site, all WYMEditor and Blueprints purchases will be done through

So what is next? Well, I have had ideas for a couple new add-ons for awhile now. I plan on bringing a few of those ideas to life soon. Stay tuned...


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