Free Sh*t!

September 22, 2011

Over the next few days I'm going to be posting some download codes with a corresponding URL on Twitter. The code will only be valid for 3 file downloads, or more accurately, 3 page loads with a valid download code. If you get lucky enough to be one of the 3 people who have entered a valid code you will receive a download link  to an add-on zip file. Once a valid code is entered 3 times, the code is no longer valid, so you'll have to be fast to win a copy of something.

I have 8 codes prepared for each add-on; Wyvern, Blueprints, and Custom System Messages. With up to 3 downloads per code, that is up to 72 free downloads that could be handed out. Note, these are 1 time downloads. If a new version of one of these add-ons is released you will not be able to use the same code to download the new version. You'll have to head over to Devot:ee and buy a license for that. So consider these free trials. I also reserve the right to not post all available 24 codes I have prepared. I have no end date in mind for this. The party could last 3 days, or 3 weeks... we'll see how I'm feeling!

You may be thinking, "why is he doing this?" Well, why not? Actually you probably shouldn't be thinking too hard about it, just take advantage of the situation.

So, follow @boldminded to win free sh*t!


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