Custom System Messages goes commercial

November 01, 2010

CSM is now a commercial add-on available for purchase on Devot:ee.  I've been thinking about this for awhile, and the main reason is to centralize all my add-on sales into 1 place. It's difficult to manage 2 different sales models setup on 2 different sites. This is the first step in migrating everything to

CSM used to be a required donation with a recommended amount of $20. 80% or so of donations were between $10 and $20. The new commercial price is a fair $12. For those who have already donated, you can continue to download new versions from, and use it on as many sites as you like. New purchases from Devot:ee are under the following license:

A Site License is a license to use the product on one website. This does not necessarily mean “one EE install”, as some people use EE to manage multiple websites, by way of MSM. Rather, it more accurately means “one domain”.

All donation data has been migrated to, and as soon as LinkLocker or an equivalent link obfuscation add-on is available for EE 2.0 those who donated can use your invoice number and continue to get new versions from this site, not


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