The most feature rich WYSIWYG editor available for ExpressionEngine.

Wyvern for ExpressionEngine 2 is no longer available or sale.

Wyvern is built to provide the best content entry workflow possible. It is the first and only editor that integrates seemlessly with all of these popular modules: Structure, Pages, Taxonomy, NavEE, SafeCracker, and Assets. It was the first ExpressionEngine editor to include a visual editing mode to see separations in your content blocks so your editors do not get confused and mangle the content. 

Watch the demo video:



  • Built on top of the powerful CKeditor.
  • Google Fonts and Typekit support.
  • Works with the default File Manager or the Assets Module.
  • Low Variables compatible.
  • Matrix compatible.
  • Show or hide specific toolbar buttons, not just a button group.
  • Create global toolbar configurations, and assign different toolbars to each member group.
  • Creates global variables for all pages (from Structure or Pages modules) in a site for easy inclusion into templates or custom fields. For example:
    . 23 is the Entry ID of the page you are linking too. Start linking to pages based on ID, not the URI. This makes the site more portable, and easier to update. TIP: You don't have to use the Wyvern Fieldtype to take advantage of these global variables. As long as you are using Pages or Structure modules, just enable the Wyvern Extension, and you are good to go.
  • Non-distracting minimal UI.
  • Include your own custom CSS file to be used within the editor itself.
  • Images are inserted into the editor with the full absolute path to the image so it is visible while editing your content, but when saved, the path is replaced with the correct {filedir_N} value, so it is completely portable. No absolute paths are stored in the database.
  • Option to encode ExpressionEngine tags within your markup.
  • Option to obfuscate and automatically link email addresses.
  • Styled to match ExpressionEngine's built in modal windows.

This add-on comes with an optional 1 year renewal fee of $20.00. Read more about renewals.


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