A/B test content in ExpressionEngine.

Experiments is an add-on to help you perform experiments in your ExpressionEngine sites. It is specifically optimized to work with the Bloqs fieldtype, however, it can be used as a standalone add-on to test almost any type of content.

A/B testing, or experiments, are a way to test changes to your website on a segmented audience. This add-on will randomly choose, based on the ?v=N query string parameter, which content to deliver to a user. Use Experiments in combination with your analytics tool of choice to get data on which designs, content, or functionality on your site converts better.

For more information about A/B testing in ExpressionEngine check out our presentation slides from EE CONF 2018.


This add-on comes with an optional 1 year renewal fee of $15.00. Read more about renewals.


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